On job market

Jorge Abad


Jorge Abad is a PhD candidate at CEMFI, Madrid. He is joining the Bank of Spain as a research economist in Fall 2020. He has previously worked for the European Central Bank and the Bank of England. His research interests lie at the intersection of macroeconomics and finance, with a special interest in banking regulation and macroprudental policies.

Edoardo Maria Acabbi

Harvard University

Recent graduate from Harvard, working on corporate finance and banking, macroeconomics and labor economics. From September AP in finance at UC3M.

Daron Acemoglu


Klaus Adam

University of Oxford

Effrosyni Adamopoulou

University of Mannheim

Efi Adamopoulou is a researcher at the University of Mannheim, an external lecturer at the European Business School and a research affiliate at IZA. She received her PhD from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Her main research interests include labour economics (wage determination, education, migration) and family economics (peer effects, household formation, consumption).

Maja Adena

WZB Berlin Social Science Center

Maja Adena is a researcher at the WZB Berlin Social Science Center. She received her Ph.D. in Economics at the Free University of Berlin. Her academic interests are mainly in public and behavioral economics. In a series of (field) experiments, she studies determinants of charitable giving and optimal designs of fundraising campaigns. In the field of political economy, she works on persuasion, studying how far the media can influence individual preferences and behavior. Her research is also concerned with poverty and deprivation and how it impacts individual well-being.

Tobias Adrian

International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Tobias Adrian is the Financial Counsellor and Director of the Monetary and Capital Markets Department of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). In this capacity, he leads the IMF’s work on financial sector surveillance, monetary and macroprudential policies, financial regulation, bank resolution, debt management, and capital markets. Prior to joining the IMF, Mr. Adrian was a Senior Vice President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Associate Director of the Research and Statistics Group. At the Federal Reserve, he contributed to monetary policy, financial stability policies, and to crisis management. Mr. Adrian has published extensively in economics and finance journals, including the American Economic Review and the Journal of Finance. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an MSc in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics from the London School of Economics, a Diplom from Goethe University Frankfurt and a Maîtrise from Dauphine University Paris.

Toni Ahnert

Bank of Canada, CEPR

Toni Ahnert is a Research Advisor in the Financial Stability Department at the Bank of Canada. He is a financial economist with interests in financial intermediation, global games, and international finance. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science and is a Research Affiliate at CEPR (Financial Economics) and a Research Associate at LSE's Systemic Risk Centre.

Andrea Ajello

Federal Reserve Board

Andrea Ajello is chief of the Macro Financial Analysis section at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Board. His recent research focuses on quantifying the impact of changes in the monetary policy stance on indicators of financial vulnerabilities. Dr. Ajello holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Northwestern University and a B.A. and M.A. from Universita' di Roma Tor Vergata in Rome, Italy

Derin Aksit

Johns Hopkins University

Derin Aksit is a PhD candidate at the Johns Hopkins University and will be on the job market in the upcoming academic year. His research interests are in macroeconomics and monetary economics, with a focus on understanding the impact of unconventional monetary policies on financial markets and the macroeconomy. He holds an MA in economics from the Johns Hopkins University and a BA in economics from Bilkent University, Turkey.