On job market

Bart de Koning

Maastricht University

Bart de Koning is a Ph.D. candidate in Economics at Maastricht University's Graduate School of Business and Economics. His research focuses on the the role of information and motivation in human capital investments and labor supply decisions. You can reach him at b.dekoning[at]maastrichtuniversity.nl.

Gazi Kabas

University of Zurich & Swiss Finance Institute

I am a PhD student at University of Zurich and Swiss Finance Institute. I obtained my previous degrees from Bogazici University and Middle East Technical University. My research areas are household finance and banking.

Matthias Kaeding

RWI - Leibniz Institute for Economic Research

Matthias Kaldorf

University of Cologne

I am a PhD-Student at the University of Cologne, where I also obtained my degrees. My research interests lie in the intersection of financial economics and macroeconomics (primary) and financial econometrics (secondary). In particular, I study interactions between default risk and collateralized borrowing arrangements for government and corporate bonds and how Central Bank policy affects these interactions.

Daniel Kaliski

Birkbeck, University of London

Kaliski completed his graduate work at the University of Oxford in 2019 under the joint supervision of Michael Keane and Ian Crawford, specialising in health and public economics. He is particularly interested in health insurance, health behaviors, and the relationship between assumptions and identification. Birkbeck, part of the University of London, is his first academic position.

Iryna Kaminska

Bank of England

Iryna Kaminska is a Senior Research Advisor in the Monetary Analysis Directorate at the Bank of England. She has previously worked at the International Monetary Fund (2011-2014) and in the Financial Stability area of the Bank of England (2009-2011). Iryna's research interests are in the areas of empirical asset pricing, monetary policy and international finance.

Gazi Kara

Federal Reserve Board

Dr. Gazi Kara is a Principal Economist in the Division of Financial Stability at the Federal Reserve Board in Washington, D.C. He received a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2013. Dr. Kara’s research interests are in the fields of Financial Economics and International Finance. His recent research focuses on financial crises, fire sales, regulation of financial institutions, and the intersections of household and corporate finance with banking.

Anastasios Karantounias

Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Dr. Karantounias is Research Economist and Associate Adviser at the Research department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. His research interests lie in fiscal policy, macro-finance, ambiguity aversion and imperfect information.

Sören Karau

Goethe University Frankfurt, Deutsche Bundesbank

I am an economist at the German central bank working in DG Economics on questions related to exchange rates, international monetary macro and cryptocurrencies. I received a Bachelor’s degree from Göttingen University, with a one-year stay at Warwick University’s Business School, and a Master’s degree from Goethe University. I stayed at Goethe for my Ph.D. which I am about to finish. My ongoing research focuses on monetary macro and cryptocurrencies.

Lorant Kaszab

Central Bank of Hungary

Lorant is doing research in monetary and fiscal policy as well as macro-finance.